Al-Amana is a charitable non-profit organization founded in Sep.,6,2004. Its primary goal is giving care for orphans, supporting  the needy people, and providing them by help and assistance to encourage them to rely on themselves. Al-Amana follows several programs and charitable projects to reach this goal.Al-Amana relies on foreign donations and some internal resources of the kind-hearted people who contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people

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The Amana A-Khayriya implements a campaign “ sacrifice meat 2017”



A ceremony our great mother Um Musbah



The Amana cooperation holds a course in Fine Art



Recreational summer trips programme for 2017



What they say about us



Al-Amana Charity implements the annual honoring ceremony for excellence in 2017

Al-Amana Charity Concludes its Charity Project Muayed Al-Rahman for 2017 2017-09-11
Al-Amana Charity inspecting the situation of needy families in Gaza 2017-08-28
Al-Amana Charitable implemented Arabic Orphan Day for 2016 2017-04-09
Al-Amana Charitable concluded religious workshops entitled “Thoughts in Surah Mayam” 2017-04-02
Al-Amana Charitable organized a cultural workshop entitled “Freemasonry” 2017-03-17
Al-Amana Charitable organized religious workshops entitled “Thoughts in Surah Al-Noor” 2017-02-19
Al-Amana Charitable organized the fourth cultural workshop “Children of Israel” 2017-02-02